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1. There will be no bashing what so ever of other KOTDF members or their choice in friends. Respect their privacy!

2. Keep your posts strictly PG-13.

3. Give credit where it is due. People spend hours uploading and setting up threads for us, it is not fair when they're not credited, a simple thank you is all they ask.

4. This is an English speaking forum, please try to stick to English only.

5. Do not spam.

6. Please refrain from posting after yourself. Edit your post if you have something to add.

7. Do not bump old threads unless you have something valuable to add.

8. No leeching. This means no downloading and / or posting the download links elsewhere without the uploaders permission. Also being a guest on the forum and saving images/ content without becoming a member.

9. No stealing our exclusives, be it news, interviews, media or anything else.
KOTDF staff are exempt from these rules.
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